1Capt. Ved Prakash ChokdyatMaster Mariner (FG), B.SC. , B.A. , L.L.B
2Capt. Rajesh Kumar Arora.Master Mariner (FG)
3Capt. Ajay Kumar Dhaka.Master Mariner (FG)
4Capt. Sachin Mittal.Master Mariner (FG)
5Capt. Ramesh Balakrishna.Master Mariner (FG)
6Mr. Sunil BerryMEO Class - I


Students agree that the writing services provided on the website will be used for reference purpose only. The service aims at providing a sample or a model paper so as to guide the students. Students must read and edit the document accordingly and take assistance from our provided samples to make their own papers.

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