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How to Make A Great PowerPoint Presentation?

  1. Show your creativity

This is the first thing to keep in mind! A PowerPoint project is not about making it “right” or “wrong” – it is about showing your personality, so let your creativity out and try to surprise everyone with your unique artistic vision!

  1. Add high-quality media files

It is not a secret that 90% of a PowerPoint presentation’s success is by graphics. This is the main thing that will attract your audience’s attention. Therefore, you should always use high-quality pictures and videos, not mentioning that all files have to be relevant to your topic and also engaging consider adding some unusual and fun graphics.

  1. Don’t overload it with animation

Without a doubt, nice-looking transitions and animations between your slides attract more attention but they may also distract your audience. Try to keep it simple and classy.

  1. Choose a good theme

A well planned visual theme will help you make your slides look organic and harmonic. However, do not use templates. Using common templates removes your personal touch from the work and it becomes too vanilla and won’t be memorable!

  1. Avoid providing too much text or bullet lists

Why does it matter? The main idea of a PowerPoint presentation is simplicity! This type of project does not have to be overloaded with text – this will be your function as a speaker to share more information with the audience while your slides only have to contain the main points! Therefore, minimize the amount of text!

  1. Try to read less

Another thing that contributes to the success of your presentation is your confidence as a speaker, which is not shown if you are reading from the slides all the time. One of the most important tips for a PPT presentation is to stay confident and do not use a written paper to read the whole text from!

  1. Use of charts and diagrams

This is something you should use! Often, charts and diagrams can highlight or explain the message you are trying to deliver much better than any text but you have to use them carefully to avoid common mistakes as inappropriate size, lack of consistency, etc.

  1. Fonts

This is one of the most significant PowerPoint design tips! Although choosing fonts may not seem like a big problem, an inappropriate font can ruin the whole impression of your work! Choose fonts that will be easy to read and would look harmonious in your presentation.

  1. Less is better

There is a rule that can help you make a perfect presentation – the 10/20/30 rule recommends you to include not more than 10 slides in your project, limit the time of presentation to a maximum of 20 minutes, and use minimum 30-point font size to make it easy to read. You won’t make a mistake if you follow this rule!

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