When a client hires our service, make a deal to buy assignment with us and trust us with his or her personal information, we feel proud and honoured. To protect your personal information, the Company has formulated a comprehensive Privacy Policy that tells how the Company collects and uses the client’s details.

Before hiring our services or placing your orders, you are recommended to carefully and comprehensively review the below mentioned policy:

Client’s Personal Information

Assignment Helpmate collects the client’s personal details to acquire information related to the assignment. Such details are:-

     Client’s Name

     Client’s Email Address

     Contact Details, etc

These are important details to make interaction with the clients for matters, such as urgent inquiries, related to their orders. The client has the right to use alias rather than his/her real name, but other information must remain correct. The Company guarantees that your personal / private information will be stored in a highly secured web server.

Assignment Helpmate uses the client’s personal details as a way to contact the client anytime regarding the order. The Company uses such details to update you with the latest developments of our service. It is our concrete guarantee that your personal details will never be uncovered to any third party.

In the case, if you have references about your friends, then we will never pass on or sell any personal information as well.

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